Why Is Privatized Hospital Management Not More Widely Criticized Within Mainstream Media? So odd…

I find it very interesting that the behavior of private hospital administrators is not more widely criticized. There have been anecodotal reports from on the ground staff that have gone viral before Ny Times validated these reports with a Nicholas Kristoff article.

The dismissal of hospital workers, doctors and nurses who bring their own masks to protect themselves is among just a few of the abominable things that hospital administrators are engaged in.

They’ve also effectively gagged their hospital staff from revealing institutional failings publicly. Even complaining privately.

In Santa Ana, for instance, local hospitals are also shorting their staff for critical gear. While the pandemics effects are not as commonly seen in the Southern California area, we can imagine that the same dynamic playing out in Elmhurst, Queens, New York, would take place in SoCal too.

The for-profit cost cutting methodology for operating a hospital has no place in a pandemic. There are no market forces that properly guide this interaction. No one can opt-in or out of a pandemic and its proper treatment. These contradictions can be clearly seen in many ways.

For instance, today Mike Pence and Donald Trump refused to answer questions about why citizens could not purchase semi-regulated medical insurance in the American public healthcare exchange. This is otherwise known as ‘Obamacare’.

This may be an indication that government insurance is still under internal attack as a possible solution to this crisis. As such, medical insurers remain protected at the highest levels of office under unprecedented pressure to source a more socialized medical response.

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