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Month: February 2021

  • Sugar Ray Leonard: ‘Canelo Has My Vote As P4P’

    Sugar Ray Leonard: ‘Canelo Has My Vote As P4P’

    In the Ak & Barak show, Sugar Ray Leonard labeled Canelo as the best pound for pound fighter in the world. Sugar Ray recalled his bouts against Roberto Duran and Marvin ‘Marvelous’ Hagler’s boxing ability. Leonard empathized with Hagler’s inability to tolerate his loss against him. He also praised the abilities of the main names […]


  • Elderly Asian Woman Robbed, Beaten In Oakland, California

    Elderly Asian Woman Robbed, Beaten In Oakland, California

    Betty Yu on Instagram: “OAKLAND GRANDMOTHER ROBBED A 71-year-old woman who just left the bank is seen knocked to the ground and robbed near 6th/International on…” CBS Oakland reporter, Betty Yu, posted on her Instagram account disturbing footage of a group of males who robbed and beat an elderly Asian woman as she had exited […]


  • Southern California: Chicanos Express Outrage Over Attacks On Asian Elderly

    Southern California: Chicanos Express Outrage Over Attacks On Asian Elderly

    Throughout the day, Chicano communities have expressed outrage over violence against Asians stemming from false narratives around the pandemic. In Southern California, Chicano sentiment expresses solidarity with Asian community. This could be observed through social media postings from influential people within the community, like El Indio Botanas & Cervezas. Due to the vast amounts of […]


  • Whose Getting Covid-19 Fatigue?

    Whose Getting Covid-19 Fatigue?

    There are a few ways to interpret the data we have amassed under the web application in Chicano Press. Today, we try to compare the aggregate infection counts to prior months. We hope to infer whose in some sense improving relative to where they were the month before. I’m sure there is a more sophisticated […]


  • Using Spacy in Python To Extract Named Entities in Spanish

    The Spacy Small Language model has some difficulty with contemporary news text that are not either Eurocentric or US based. Likely, this lack of accuracy with contemporary figures owes in part to a less thorough scrape of Wikipedia and relative changes that have taken place in Mexico, Bolivia and other countries with highly variant dialects […]


  • Los Angeles Pre-Covid In Pictures

    Los Angeles Pre-Covid In Pictures

    Pre-Covid the city of Los Angeles was such a pleasant place to wander about. In the radius of a few blocks, you can go from a used, but superb bookstore, then into a food court with delicious food from all over Asia, Mexico and Central America. En Route to one of my workplace sites, we […]


  • Human-AI Symbiosis: Says Who?

    Human-AI Symbiosis: Says Who?

    Human-AI Symbiosis? All #people should decide how modern #humanity unfolds. Web article considers #it#software#industry developments from under a decade ago that may mold the #future#futurism#Intel#Tech#Mexican#Mexico#nlp#AI#humanity…


  • Linguistics In The Enterprise

    Why Linguistics (And Linguists) Are Always On The Back-Foot In An Enterprise Context Linguistics is often questioned by practitioners of Natural Sciences during informal and professional scenarios. Perhaps, this is the case due to the fact that the phenomena relevant to the Natural Sciences is more readily observable through instrumental means. The irony is that […]


  • Wearables, Speech Recognition & Musk: How Intel’s Loss Could Be Tesla Gain

    Despite the famously late arrival to mobile computing, Intel did make certain strides before many others in the space of wearables in Mid-2013 and onwards. Much of it may have to do with the company’s strategic diversification which took place in mid-2013. Hundreds of Millions Poured Into Research & Development Intel invested at the very […]