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Microsoft Ends GPT Builder in Copilot Pro – Damn!

Shifts Focus to Commercial Enterprise Subsection: Sunsetting GPT Builder

Microsoft informed its Copilot Pro subscribers this week that it would be retiring the GPT Builder feature on July 10, 2024, thereby ending a unique advantage that came with the $20-per-month subscription. The feature had enabled users to actively train, create, edit, and share custom AI chatbots. However, the users now face a deadline of July 14 to remove the data they may have stored in the platform, as Microsoft has announced it will delete the data post-deadline.

Microsoft’s Shift in Focus

Microsoft’s decision to terminate GPT Builder emerges from its redirected emphasis on ‘Commercial and Enterprise scenarios’, thereby signaling a possible change in its AI strategy. The move might reflect a desire to enhance the context of AI in commercially viable applications and intensify its integration into large-scale enterprises.

Impact of the Decision

The early termination of the GPT Builder feature after just three months has been met with disappointment among some users who found the tool beneficial for crafting AI chatbots. These users must now quickly save their work and transfer their data before it’s removed from the platform.

Broader Context

The termination of GPT Builder accompanies other significant developments in the AI world. Notably, Elon Musk recently dropped his lawsuit against OpenAI without providing any specific reason. Meanwhile, Apple surpassed Microsoft following the WWDC 24 event. Also worthy of notice is the partnership forged between Brazil and OpenAI, further underlying the growing interest in and applications of AI technology at the governmental level.