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  • Barbie debuta en Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay y Estados Unidos este viernes

    Barbie, una de las películas más esperadas del 2023, se estrenará esta semana. Aunque puede sonar un poco gracioso referirse a ella como una mega-película para adultos, no lo es si se considera la temática. El guion consta de la siguiente narrativa: Margaret Robbie tendra el honor de ser Barbie, y en esta pelicula después […]


  • Tiroteo de Nashville, TN; Audrey Hale dejo manifesto

    Despues de una serie de investigaciones, la policia de Nashville descubre un manifesto de Audrey Hale que puede explicar los motivos detras del ataque. También se identifcaron mapas detallados hechos a mano por el criminal. Las victimas fueron acribilladas de manera random de acuerdo a los informes policiacos. Estas son las afueras de la “Covenant […]


  • Image Recognition With Open Source Technology

    Image Recognition With Open Source Technology In this document, we will see whether a suitable dataset, workflow and existing scripting competence is sufficient for the development of an automatic image recognition process. The intention is tabulating common hazards, signs and issues seen on the field for non-profit case workers who manage chronically homeless. Image Ai, […]


  • An AI Bot For Homelessness and Substance Abuse

    An AI Bot For Homelessness and Substance Abuse

    Substance Abuse and Homelessness are inextricably linked. Often times, the sad reality around homelessness involves heartache within families and individuals whose addictions have clouded their better judgment. This state of mind happens to also inhibit the ability to manage their housing situation with self esteem, hygiene and other basic experiences of an individual neglected in […]


  • Hand Wringing In The IT Space Needs Company By Company Analysis

    Hand Wringing In The IT Space Needs Company By Company Analysis

    Today’s mixed report that the US labor market added more than a quarter million jobs but had unemployment rise should indicate that some sectors will maintain historical demand, while others will suffer downsizing driven by market conditions. In my view, the 18 month long stint for easy debt financing environment is the real culprit for […]


  • The Hoover Dam – Windy, Dry and Hot As The Dam Looks

    My family and I visited the Hoover Dam recently this windy month of October 2022. I was surprised by how windy Las Vegas can get, though, I have known about those legendary winds for some time. I suspect one must live through experiences to really believe them. For instance, we drove from Las Vegas to […]


  • The Biggest Fight In Boxing

    Canelo Alvarez and Triple G have gone on a worldwide tour promoting the third installment of their rivalry. The boxing world awaits the best fight of the year on September 17, 2022. Already, folks are clamoring for this fight with dozens of fan videos dedicated to both fighters describing the boxers. Below, for example, reviews […]


  • The Fed Is Committed To Lowering Inflation At Job Market Expense

    While CNBC is not necessarily known as the most non-partisan entity, Marc Sumerlin is not prone to hyperbole. In his view, Fed Chairman Powell is committed to breaking the trend of an expensive labor market. Unemployment numbers must rise in order to reduce the amount of discretionary funds available in the US economy. These two […]


  • Chicano Culture Update

    Mentions Cultural events in the news, on peoples minds within the Twitter space. Updates consist of 20ish most recent or available tweets that were deemed newsworthy for the Chicano community. Lots of discussions about skin tones, reactions against hollywood and other


  • Explicit Content Related To Mexicans – Please Review

    Explicit Content Related To Mexicans – Please Review

    For cultural news, please see here: Chicano Culture. In this page, we review possibly objectionable content related to Mexicans. We have stored these tweets in a database. Many people make statements on Twitter ‘with a pinch of salt’. However, therein lies a powerful question: who gets to define what is simply a cheeky reference and […]