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Tina Turner, Queen of Rock and Roll, Passes Away at 83

Photo: Dave Hogan/Getty Images/HBO

Tina Turner, the iconic musician, entertainer, singer, model, and songwriter, who held generations of fans in the palm of her hand, has passed away at the age of 83.

From her humble beginnings as a young girl in a Tennessee farmhouse, Tina Turner achieved what many would think impossible and became one of the country’s most beloved singers in the 1950s. After persevering through a troubled domestic life, Tina finally gained the courage to sprout her wings and changed the music industry for good. Her powerhouse voice and superstar charisma have been an inspiration to so many, and will continue to ignite the same fire in generations to come.

Tina Turner’s mark on the music industry is nothing less than legendary. She started out performing blues and rock and roll, but later on dealt in other styles, like funk, world music, classical, and pop. Her music videos, such as ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It?’, further propelled her career and promoted a fixation amongst her fans. Her dyed blond hair, outrageous jean jackets, miniskirts, and stiletto heels became a part of her musical identity and sometimes marked her as a symbol of 80s pop culture.

Tina Turner continuously pushed the boundaries of the music industry when it came to gender issues and women’s rights. Many of her songs are dedicated to such matters, and her messages and cries for change are enduringly inspiring. She also released many solo projects, earning herself several Grammys and nominations. Her most famous solo album ‘Private Dancer’ featured her international hit, ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It?’.

Tina Turner was a symbol of strength and resilience, and her influence has transcended beyond her career in the music industry. She has inspired and empowered millions worldwide, and her legacy will continue to shine bright.