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US and Colombia Create Joint Migrant Processing Centers

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The U.S. government and the Colombian government have announced an agreement to create Safe Mobility Workshops that seek to identify, register and categorize the reasons for irregular migration and provide legal pathways for those qualified to migrate from Colombia to the United States. Through these workshops, the goal is to provide a safe alternative to irregular migration, while also providing a legal route for those who qualify.

This joint effort between the U.S. and Colombia seeks to direct migrants from Haiti, Cuba and Venezuela to legal pathways, while also providing more opportunities for Colombians to access work visas and family reunification in the U.S. Additionally, the governments will create more pathways for reuniting Colombian-American families and helping Colombian workers access employment opportunities in the U.S.

The Safe Mobility Workshops are set to be implemented in various countries in the region, with the exact locations and details of the project to be announced in the coming days. According to the joint statement, these centers will provide a safe space for those who seek to move from their home countries to the U.S. and help them avoid dangerous routes often taken by irregular migrants.

The project is designed as a response to the pressure placed on Central and South American countries by the flow of migrants seeking asylum in the United States. The initiative seeks to provide an organized and safe alternative to irregular migration, while also helping to deter migrants from dangerous routes and to discourage further iimmigration to the U.S. via illegal paths.

By providing legal pathways and opportunities for those desiring to enter the U.S., this joint effort between the U.S. and Colombia seeks to help ensure the safety and security of both migrants and those living in the countries affected by irregular migration. It also provides a model for other countries in the region to emulate should they face similar pressures.