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Bolivia fights against the shortage of dollars while the demand skyrockets

In Bolivia, the demand for dollars has skyrocketed in recent days, causing long lines at the Central Bank of Bolivia (BCB), while citizens scramble to access foreign currency. BCB staff have been working around the clock in an attempt to meet the needs of the public, but the banks simply do not have enough dollars in reserve to meet the demand.

The situation has been further aggravated by the lack of dollars in exchange houses, leaving citizens with no other option than to buy dollars on the street at a price higher than the official exchange rate of 6.89 bolivianos per dollar. This has caused severe financial stress for many Bolivians, who depend on having access to foreign currency to buy goods, services and even to pay bills.

The Bolivian government has responded by imposing strict capital controls, limiting the amount of foreign currency that can be purchased or transferred outside the country. He has also tried to assure citizens that the economy is stable and that he will not devalue the boliviano. But the lack of dollars has caused uncertainty among the population and has led to the rise in the prices of imported goods.

The government has expressed its commitment to finding a solution, but the challenge is proving difficult. Meanwhile, many citizens are facing financial difficulties due to the severe shortage of dollars.