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Del Moral Makes Historic Bid to Lead Mexico’s Most Populous State

Alejandra del Moral en Valle de Chalco / Twitter @AlejandraDMV

Alejandra del Moral is the coalition’s candidate for the governorship of the State of Mexico, and her story of resilience and hope amidst a deeply fractured political landscape has become the focus of an election that many are seeing as a thermometer for the 2024 presidential election.

Del Moral was kidnapped at age 18, an event that would define the start of her political career. “I thought that contributing to make sure it never happened to me or anyone else again was through public service,” Del Moral said. By the age of 25, she had been elected municipal president of her home, Cuautitlán Izcalli, and since then has proven her mettle as a local and federal deputy, where she held positions in the state government in the areas of labor, economic development, and social development.

The stakes for this election are high, with Del Moral’s opponent being Delfina Gómez, the candidate of Morena, the party founded by current President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Despite facing the daunting challenge of her opponent’s deep political roots, Del Moral retains a sense of optimism and hope. “I am very grateful to all the people who have supported us and joined this great project,” she said. “I am more committed than ever to letting people know that we do have politicians that want the best for us.”

If Del Moral emerges as the victor, her first action as Governor would be in the area of public safety. Given the heavily contested politics involved in the election, she is also realistic about the possible result of the elections. “If I don’t win, there will be fraud.” However, with a twelve and a half million-strong registration of voters, who knows what the State of Mexico will decide on June 4th?