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Biden Administration Seeks to Curb Irregular Migration with New Legal Pathways

A group of immigrants, intercepted in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, this week.

As the health emergency in the United States due to the pandemic is set to expire on May 11, the Biden Administration is taking steps to prevent an influx of irregular migration. The Administration has laid out a host of new measures and initiatives in order to create more legal pathways for immigrants to enter the United States, while also increasing enforcement and control measures to discourage illegal immigration.

The Administration has signed agreements with Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Colombia to create immigrant processing centers in the region. Processing centers will open in Guatemala and Colombia in the coming weeks, with other countries such as Canada and Spain accepting migrants from these regional processing centers. The CBP One mobile app for processing asylum cases will also be strengthened, and family reunification centers will be created for migrants from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Colombia.These centers will provide immigrants with a safe and legal way to apply for entry into the United States and be evaluated for their qualifications.

The Administration is also increasing enforcement and control measures at the U.S.-Mexico border. The Administration has committed additional resources to border patrol agents, improved surveillance technology, and a bolstered ability to quickly return immigrants who attempt to enter the country illegally.

The Biden Administration is hoping that by providing more legal pathways for immigrants and strengthening security measures, they can curb irregular migration and increase legal migration. The Administration believes that this strategy will ultimately provide a safer and more efficient system that will benefit both immigrants and the United States.

In the coming weeks, the Biden administration is expected to provide further details on its new approach to immigration. It remains to be seen how the plan will be implemented and how much of an impact it will have on reducing irregular immigration.