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  • Deal Reached in US Debt Ceiling Negotiations

    After days of arduous negotiations, President Joe Biden and Republican House leaders have reached an agreement in principle on raising the US debt ceiling, avoiding a catastrophic default. The agreement, which is yet to be formally announced, is set to remove the existing $31.4 trillion debt ceiling over a two-year period. This keeps President Biden […]


  • Citi Drops Sale of Mexican Subsidiary, Opts for Public Offering

    Citi announced on Wednesday that it has ceased its efforts to sell its Mexican subsidiary and will instead pursue a public offering (IPO) of the company’s shares in 2025. The bank is in the process of separation of its consumer banking, small and medium enterprise banking operations in Mexico – which will be the ones […]


  • Bolivia fights against the shortage of dollars while the demand skyrockets

    In Bolivia, the demand for dollars has skyrocketed in recent days, causing long lines at the Central Bank of Bolivia (BCB), while citizens scramble to access foreign currency. BCB staff have been working around the clock in an attempt to meet the needs of the public, but the banks simply do not have enough dollars […]


  • U.S. Government Guarantees Safety of Bank Deposits

    The United States is facing an unprecedented situation after several banks recently failed, prompting authorities to take emergency measures to ensure financial stability. The government has announced that it will guarantee the deposits of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, which have had their assets seized. President Joe Biden said that Americans should be reassured […]