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  • La nueva ola de corridos: bélicos y tumbados

    El corrido, un género de la música folclórica clásica en México, ahora está tomando un giro inesperado. Los productores de música en México ahora están mezclando los sonidos tradicionales de los corridos con la cultura y los ritmos urbanos. Esto ha llevado al surgimiento de dos nuevos géneros de corridos: el bélico y el tumbado. […]


  • Grim Discovery in Mexico: Human Remains Found at Bottom of Ravine

    On Tuesday, Mexican authorities made a shocking discovery in the western state of Jalisco. At the bottom of a 40-meter cliff, 45 bags with human remains were located in a ravine. Initial medical examinations have tentatively determined that the remains could correspond to eight young people reported missing last month. The Mexican prosecutor’s office has […]


  • Peso Pluma Redefines Mexican Regional Music

    Mexican artist Peso Pluma has conquered the Latin music scene with a distinct sound, redefining Mexican regional music. His unique blend of traditional norteño elements with rap beats and other styles has caught the attention of some of the biggest stars in Latin pop music, pushing the boundaries of Latin music further toward the future. […]


  • Del Moral Makes Historic Bid to Lead Mexico’s Most Populous State

    Alejandra del Moral is the coalition’s candidate for the governorship of the State of Mexico, and her story of resilience and hope amidst a deeply fractured political landscape has become the focus of an election that many are seeing as a thermometer for the 2024 presidential election. Del Moral was kidnapped at age 18, an […]


  • Mexican Court Rules Against Ecocide in Jilotzingo, Protecting Forest Reserve Area

    A judge in Mexico’s State of Mexico has issued a ruling against a planned mega-residential project that would have destroyed a forest reserve area. The ruling revokes all permits issued to the Funtanet family, which had been authorized by the former Governor Eruviel Avila Villegas. The project, known as Bosque Diamante, had proposed building 20,000 […]


  • Mexicans to Decide Fate of Country’s Most Populous State at First Debate

    Mexico’s State of Mexico is gearing up for an important election, and the first gubernatorial debate between the two candidates is set to take place this Thursday. Delfina Gómez of the Juntos Hacemos Historia coalition, which includes Morena, the Green Party, and the Labor Party, will face off against Alejandra del Moral of the Va […]


  • Italy Blocks OpenAI Chatbot for Violating Consumer Data Protection Law

    Italy has taken a decisive step to protect its citizens from the potential misuse of artificial intelligence technology, blocking the ChatGPT tool, belonging to the American technology company OpenAI. On Friday, the Italian Data Protection Authority (GPDP) suspended the ChatGPT tool with immediate effect, citing a data breach on March 20 concerning its users and […]


  • Meet muralist Jesús “Kobe” Evers García

    Meet muralist Jesús “Kobe” Evers García

    On the streets of Oaxaca, Mexico, a local artist is making a name for himself. Jesús “Kobe” Evers García is a highly collaborative and supportive artist that is dedicated to providing the best results possible for his clients. Kobe is a very creative individual and his artwork, which is grounded in the traditional culture of […]


  • AMLO Responds to U.S. Military Threat: ‘Mexico Will Not Take Orders’

    AMLO Responds to U.S. Military Threat: ‘Mexico Will Not Take Orders’

    Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Mexico’s president, has recently expressed his concern with the suggestions of certain U.S. legislators to use military action against drug cartels in Mexico. He denoted these calls as a menace to the Mexican sovereignty and declared that Mexico will not take orders from any other nation. Lopez Obrador declared the launch […]