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30,000 Doses of Marijuana Seized on Road to Meta

Photo reference seizure of marijuana- Colombian National Police

In a recent seizure that has raised red flags for authorities, Colombian police have captured a vehicle on the road between Girardot and Bogotá carrying 30,000 doses of marijuana. The driver of the vehicle, who was found to be transporting the illegal substance, was taken into custody in the municipality of Nilo.

The Department of Transit officials have stated that this sector has become a “constant traffic point” for marijuana shipments, indicating that it is not an isolated event. The arrested driver is now in the hands of the Prosecutor’s Office, and authorities are attempting to uncover the source of the drugs, where they were headed, and who was ultimately responsible.

This is just the latest incident in a long line of marijuana smuggling attempts in Colombia, a country with a long history of drug trafficking. It is unclear what steps authorities are taking to prevent similar incidents in the future, or how they intend to tackle the country’s drug problem. Nonetheless, this seizure serves as a warning that the government is not taking the matter lightly, and that any attempts to traffic illegal substances will be met with swift prosecution.