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Prince Harry Denied Right to Pay for Police Protection in UK


Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, has lost his second attempt in court to gain permission to pay for police protection when visiting the United Kingdom. The British royal asked the High Court for permission to appeal a prior decision that had denied him the right to pay specialized members of the police for his protection when traveling to his home country.

The Home Office determined in February 2020 that Harry was no longer entitled to a police escort in the UK, even if he incurred the costs. On Tuesday, the Superior Court ruled that he cannot appeal the decision that such payment was deemed “inappropriate” by the Executive Committee for the Protection of Royalty and Public Figures Ravec. In asking for permission to appeal these decisions, Harry’s lawyers argued that anyone in the public eye should have the right to take necessary steps to ensure their safety.

This decision follows a statement released last week by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, in which they denounced being victims of “almost catastrophic” harassment by “very aggressive” paparazzi in New York City. The New York Police stated that no incidents occurred, though they did assist the royal couple’s private security team.

The issue of security for British royals now becomes a delicate balancing act between the need to protect members of the Royal Family and the public cost associated with such measures. With Prince Harry no longer part of the operational family, these newly-married parents cannot utilize the protection of the palace and must make private arrangements in order to ensure the safety of their growing family.