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Carlos Slim brings broadband Internet to Caribbean cruise ships

In a move that could revolutionize the Caribbean cruise industry, Carlos Slim’s telecommunications giant, América Móvil, has announced that it will be offering satellite connectivity services to cruise ships navigating the region. This agreement between América Móvil’s Brazilian brand Embratel and the satellite services company Speedcast will provide broadband Internet services on board ships, using capacity in the Ku band and coverage provided by the Star One D2 satellite.
This new venture comes as cruise ships are increasingly relying on the Internet for communication and entertainment during voyages. With this service, passengers will be able to stay connected with friends and family, access streaming services, and explore the latest news and trends.
The service will cover the coasts of various countries, including Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Jamaica, and will extend for an estimated 2.75 million square kilometers. This will allow cruise ships to stay connected even in the more remote areas of the Caribbean.
América Móvil’s venture into satellite services marks a major milestone for the cruise industry. With this new service, passengers will be able to stay connected and explore the Caribbean in a whole new way.