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Wing Developing Drone Delivery Network Technology to Handle Millions of Orders

Foto de Yitzhak Rodriguez en Unsplash

Wing, a subsidiary of Alphabet, is developing a drone delivery network technology with the aim of handling millions of orders within 12 months.The technology is currently being tested in Logan, Australia, and Dublin Lusk, delivering up to 1,000 packages a day.

Wing CEO Adam Woodworth envisions the delivery system to be like an efficient data network rather than a traditional transportation system.

The system uses drones to pick up, drop off, travel and charge with the help of 3 basic hardware elements including delivery drones, pads, and autoloaders. It also involves a high level of automation and is capable of quickly adapting to increasing demand in certain areas.

Although the system has faced some noise complaints from Logan residents, Wing has done a lot of work to make the aircraft quieter and planning software has been designed to avoid overflying the same residences.