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  • France Bans Domestic Flights of Less Than Two and a Half Hours

    The French government has taken a positive step to reduce carbon emissions and curb climate change: it has passed a new law banning domestic air travel between cities that are connected by a train journey of less than two and a half hours. This rule will immediately affect air routes between Paris and Nantes, Bordeaux, […]


  • Target Bows to Extremist Pressure, Removes Pride-Themed Apparel

    The recent decision by Target to remove some of its Pride-themed merchandise from its store shelves has stunned and outraged the LGBTQ+ community and sparked debate over the broader national conversation surrounding the civil rights of transgender people. It began earlier this month when Target introduced two lines of beachwear with non-gender-affirming designs for trans […]


  • Prince Harry Denied Right to Pay for Police Protection in UK

    Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, has lost his second attempt in court to gain permission to pay for police protection when visiting the United Kingdom. The British royal asked the High Court for permission to appeal a prior decision that had denied him the right to pay specialized members of the police for his protection […]


  • Apple Partners With Broadcom to Build 5G Components in the US

    Andrew Burton/Getty Images In a move that supports the US economy and further strengthens its technological competitive edge, Apple Inc has struck a multi-billion-dollar deal with semiconductor manufacturer Broadcom Inc. to build 5G RF components in the US. These components, which would be used in Apple devices, will be designed and manufactured at Broadcom’s Fort […]