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Tag: China

  • Tesla’s Model Y: A Cost-Effective Solution From China

    Tesla’s latest model, the Model Y, is making waves in the automotive world with its cheap price tag and efficient performance. Originally introduced in Canada last week, is equipped with lithium iron phosphate batterieshas a base price of just under 60,000 Canadian dollars, making it eligible for government subsidies. This marks a major shift in […]


  • China and US Join Italy in Pushing for Regulations on ChatGPTs

    In a move to address the risks posed by artificial intelligence, the United States and China have joined Italy in announcing steps towards the regulation of AI programs. These steps come as the Biden administration has opened a 60-day period for public comment on how to legislate against the unintended effects of these programs, which […]


  • Xi Jinping’s Visit to Moscow Draws Attention to Ukraine Crisis

    Chinese President Xi Jinping’s recent visit to Moscow has placed the ongoing crisis in Ukraine at the center of international attention. The trip is the first time Xi has visited Russia since the country began its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine in 2014, and serves as a reminder of the ongoing conflict that has killed tens […]