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  • Peso Pluma Redefines Mexican Regional Music

    Mexican artist Peso Pluma has conquered the Latin music scene with a distinct sound, redefining Mexican regional music. His unique blend of traditional norteño elements with rap beats and other styles has caught the attention of some of the biggest stars in Latin pop music, pushing the boundaries of Latin music further toward the future. […]


  • OpenAI and Dall-E Team Up To Create the First Humanoid Robot With AI Brain: 1X Unveiled

    OpenAI and Dall-E have joined forces to finance 1X, a Norwegian company that has created the world’s first humanoid robot controlled by a powerful artificial intelligence (AI) brain. This new machine has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with computers and robots. The 1X robot is equipped with a human-like body and facial […]


  • Kali Uchis: A Multifaceted Voice Bridging Cultures

    Kali Uchis is a 28-year-old Colombian-American singer-songwriter and record producer who is quickly becoming one of the most influential Latino voices of her generation. Born into a family from Pereira, Uchis has lived most of her life in the United States and has embraced her dual identity through her music. Her stage name is a […]


  • Meet muralist Jesús “Kobe” Evers García

    Meet muralist Jesús “Kobe” Evers García

    On the streets of Oaxaca, Mexico, a local artist is making a name for himself. Jesús “Kobe” Evers García is a highly collaborative and supportive artist that is dedicated to providing the best results possible for his clients. Kobe is a very creative individual and his artwork, which is grounded in the traditional culture of […]