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Month: July 2019

  • Kashaya Language Documentation

    In the summer of 2009, I participated in a6 week language documentation course as part of the Linguistic Society of America’s biannual Summer School, where the most engaged graduates (and undergraduates) meet and socialise to work on advanced topics in linguistic theory. The linked work here is a reference to Berkeleys Language Archive where my […]


  • Juan Alderete Interview: Racer X, Mars Volta

    Juan Alderete interview in Brooklyn, New York City. In 2014, I got to talk to him about his music, the long shot potential AMLO presidency and about interesting Chicano/Mexican history. Enjoy!


  • ImageAI: Python Library For Recognizing Images

    Ricardo Lezama — Image AI is an excellent, easy-to-use, Machine Learning wrapper that allows a python script to identify the dominant concept to describe an image. While this article covers a tiny usecase, I would recommend a user be aware of the need to install the right C++ dependencies. Facebook Image AI The developers are […]


  • Intro To Linguistic Theory

    Intro To Linguistic Theory

    Linguistics is the science of language as it relates to human cognition. Metaphysical considerations on the properties of organic systems may seem far removed from the lower level details of language data, but the general idea is that the language faculty is ‘perfect’, has nearly exact properties that are recurrent and while not wholly describable […]