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Category: Culture

  • Peso Pluma Redefines Mexican Regional Music

    Mexican artist Peso Pluma has conquered the Latin music scene with a distinct sound, redefining Mexican regional music. His unique blend of traditional norteño elements with rap beats and other styles has caught the attention of some of the biggest stars in Latin pop music, pushing the boundaries of Latin music further toward the future. […]


  • Karol G Colombian Singer to Feature on Barbie Soundtrack

    The much anticipated Barbie movie is inching closer to its premiere, and the world is abuzz. Having already released the movie’s official song, Dance The Night, performed by Dua Lipa, Barbie has recently announced the names of the artists who will be featured on the soundtrack. Amongst the chosen artists is Colombian singer Karol G, […]


  • Tina Turner, Queen of Rock and Roll, Passes Away at 83

    Tina Turner, the iconic musician, entertainer, singer, model, and songwriter, who held generations of fans in the palm of her hand, has passed away at the age of 83. From her humble beginnings as a young girl in a Tennessee farmhouse, Tina Turner achieved what many would think impossible and became one of the country’s […]


  • TikTok Chief Seeks to Allay US Fears of National Security Risks

    For months, the social media app TikTok has been the subject of scrutiny with US legislators concerned about its ties to the Chinese government and its potential impact on national security. Now, the company’s chief, Shou Zi Chew, is set to appear before Congress on Thursday to make his case for why the app should […]


  • Chicano Culture Update

    Mentions Cultural events in the news, on peoples minds within the Twitter space. Updates consist of 20ish most recent or available tweets that were deemed newsworthy for the Chicano community. Lots of discussions about skin tones, reactions against hollywood and other