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  • Alucinación – el termino para cuando los modelos de inteligencia artificial se equivocan

    Aunque es impresionante el hecho de que un chatbot responde a un input, académicos, científicos y expertos en la aplicación de la inteligencia artificial no han definido su postura con respeto al IA en términos psicológicos. La ciencia cognitiva bien fue la inspiración para las llamadas ‘redes neuronales’ que definen la arquitectura de algunos de […]


  • Explicit Content Related To Mexicans – Please Review

    Explicit Content Related To Mexicans – Please Review

    For cultural news, please see here: Chicano Culture. In this page, we review possibly objectionable content related to Mexicans. We have stored these tweets in a database. Many people make statements on Twitter ‘with a pinch of salt’. However, therein lies a powerful question: who gets to define what is simply a cheeky reference and […]


  • Chicano Chatter On Twitter

    Chicano Chatter On Twitter

    Check out the latest chatter from people using the word ‘Chicano’ on twitter. In an effort to highlight more content, we developed a few database queries to routinely retrieve uncontroversial tweets. Some of these contain frivolous references or insightful comments. Unfortunately, in many social media platforms, some of the least informed content often gets more […]


  • US Employee Pensions Finance PEGASUS Software; University of California, CALPERS Among Group

    This article is reshared with permission from La Cartita. Originally published in that platform 12/16/2017. La Cartita — (6/30/2017) — PEGASUS is the worlds most advanced spyware, a special type of software designed to spy on cellular phones and computers without the user’s permission. The software is most often used to target a victim’s phone […]


  • Word2Vec Mexican Spanish Model: Lyrics, News Documents

    Word2Vec Mexican Spanish Model: Lyrics, News Documents

    A Corpus That Contains Colloquial Lyrics & News Documents For Mexican Spanish This experimental dataset was developed by 4 Social Science specialists and one industry expert, myself, with different samples from Mexico specific news texts and normalized song lyrics. The intent is to understand how small, phrase level constituents will interact with larger, editorialized style […]


  • Semantic Similarity & Visualizing Word Vectors

    Introduction: Two Views On Semantic Similarity In Linguistics and Philosophy of Language, there are various methods and views on how to best describe and justify semantic similarity. This tutorial will be taken as a chance to lightly touch upon very basic ideas in Linguistics. We will introduce in a very broad sense the original concept […]


  • Leveraging NVIDIA Downloads

    An issue during the installation of TensorFlow in the Anaconda Python environment is an error message citing the lack of a DLL file. Logically, you will also receive the same error for invoking any Spacy language models, which need TensorFlow installed properly. Thus, running the code below will invoke an error message without the proper […]